The AI-BizTech Conference of the Year on 1st Feb, 2023, a leading provider of communication AI, will host the second edition of their annual event, SPHOT (स्फोट), on February 1, 2023 at Sofitel, BKC in Mumbai. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Powering the Bharat Revolution with AI’ and will provide a platform for attendees to engage in meaningful discussions and learn about innovative ideas related to AI and its impact on businesses. This one-day event is an opportunity to educate and inspire the community and its stakeholders.

Mumbai, 1st February 2023: The second edition of’s annual conference, SPHOT, will explore the theme of “Powering the Bharat Revolution with AI.” The conference, set to take place on February 1, 2023 at Sofitel, BKC in Mumbai, is a celebration of innovative ideas and meaningful discussions surrounding the advancements in Indian language communication technology and AI applications. IT Minister of Tamil Nadu, Shri Mano Thangaraj, will inaugurate the event and leading researchers from institutions like IIT Patna and IIT Kharagpur, as well as CXOs and business leaders from enterprises in the BFSI industry, will take the stage as speakers.

Over 200 senior executives from the business world will attend the event, which will feature the exclusive launch of Saarthi’s Communication AI platform, Pravid. The conference will highlight how technology is being made more inclusive, with a focus on creating mass market technologies in local Indian languages for greater access in rural areas.

“We believe the greatest way to learn everything, from our culture to technology, is in our mother tongue…”, says Shri Mano Thangaraj, Hon’ble IT Minister of Tamil Nadu, and Guest of Honor at Sphot’23.

“The current momentum in India’s tech space is the collective hard work of a large number of people – academicians, researchers, business leaders, startups, government organisations, and ecosystem players. They are helping build tools and technologies that allow people in rural areas of India to access various benefits as seamlessly as their urban counterparts. As we celebrate our sixth anniversary on February 1, we want to spend the day in the company of these visionaries. We are expecting a ‘Sphot’ of interesting ideas and meaningful discussions that add to everyone’s knowledge and inspire us in the journey ahead”, says Mr. Vishwa Nath Jha, Founder and CEO of

The inaugural SPHOT event last year showcased 18+ speakers, 300+ attendees, and 16+ thought-provoking sessions. This year, the conference will feature academic keynote speeches and panel discussions on topics including the interplay between language, being, and cognition, the impact of communication AI on lending decisions, the evolution of voice AI in the BFSI industry, the documentation and preservation of tribal languages, integrating voice AI in legacy processes, and more. Notable speakers at SPHOT 2023 include Nitin Agarwal of Fullerton, Bornini Lahiri of IIT Kharagpur, Sivakumar Nandipati of Fedfina, Jawar Singh of IIT Patna, and others.

“Since inception, our goal is to bridge the digital divide for the billions in Bharat with technology. That’s why we’ve taken the road less travelled and built communication technology from the scratch in 11 Indian languages and counting. We believe this mission can only be achieved through collaboration. That’s why we host Sphot each year to reinforce our commitment and bring together the community which shares our goal.” says Mr. Sangram Sabat, Co-founder and COO of

Join the pioneers of the voice and language technology industry at SPHOT 2023 on Feb 1st at Sofitel BKC in Mumbai. Discover the latest advancements and hear from experts from top institutions and organizations. Get inspired and learn how AI is delivering practical solutions to business challenges during thought-provoking sessions. Register now at

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