PM Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme 2023

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme 2023 – Har Ghar Jal Application Form, Objectives, Components: The Indian Government is implementing the ‘Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM)’ Scheme to make provision of tap water supply to every rural household by 2024. Our honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi announced the Jal Jeevan Mission (Har Ghal Jal) Scheme on 15th August 2019 from the ramparts of Red Fort, only 3.23 Crore (17%) rural households out of a total of 19.35 Crore rural households had access to tap water supply in their households. In our article, we have provided the Jal Jeevan Mission Registration Link along with the Objectives of PM Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme 2023, the Vision and Mission of the Har Ghar Jal Scheme 2023, and more. So, go through each section to get clear data.

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Jal Jeevan Mission is proving to be a game-changer for children’s health, as potable drinking piped water supply is being provided on a priority basis in schools and Anganwadi centers (daycare) which will greatly reduce the occurrence of water-related ailments among children. Infants and young children will be less prone to water-borne diseases and an end to open defecation will result in reduced incidences of child deaths due to diarrhoeal disease.

PM Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme 2023 – Overview

Name of the Scheme Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM)
Announced by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi
Launched on  15th August 2019
Department Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Jalshakti
Category Govt Schemes
Main Objective To make provision of tap water supply to every rural household by 2024
Mode of Application Online
Official Website

What is PM Jal Jeevan Mission 2023?

Jal Jeevan Mission is envisioned to provide safe and adequate drinking water through individual household tap connections by 2024 to all households in rural India. Moreover, this program will also implement source sustainability measures as mandatory elements, such as recharge and reuse through greywater management, water conservation, and rainwater harvesting.

And the JJM Scheme will be based on a community approach to water and will include extensive Information, Education, and communication as key components of the mission. JJM looks to create a jan andolan for water, thereby making it everyone’s priority.

Vision & Mission of Har Ghar Jal Scheme 2023


Every rural household has a drinking water supply in adequate quantity of prescribed quality on a regular & long-term basis at affordable service delivery charges leading to improvement in the living standards of rural communities.


Jal Jeevan’s Mission is to assist, empower and facilitate:

  • States/ UTs for creation of water supply infrastructure so that every rural household has a Functional Tap Connection (FHTC) by 2024 and water in adequate quantity of prescribed quality is made available on regular basis.
  • And the States/ UTs to plan for their drinking water security
  • States/ UTs in the planning of participatory rural water supply strategy for ensuring potable drinking water security on a long-term basis to every rural household and public institution, viz. GP buildings, Schools, Anganwadi centers, Health centers, wellness centers, etc.
  • GPs/ rural communities to plan, implement, manage, own, operate, and maintain their own in-village water supply systems
  • States/ UTs to develop robust institutions having a focus on service delivery and financial sustainability of the sector by promoting a utility approach
  • Capacity building of the stakeholders and creating awareness in the community on the significance of water for improvement in quality of life
  • In making provision and mobilization of financial assistance to States/ UTs for implementation of the mission.

JJM Scheme - Vision

Objectives of Jal Jeevan Mission

  • To provide FHTC to every rural household.
  • To prioritize the provision of FHTCs in quality-affected areas, villages in drought-prone and desert areas, Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) villages, etc.
  • To provide functional tap connection to Schools, Anganwadi centers, GP buildings, Health centers, wellness centers, and community buildings
  • To bring awareness on various aspects and significance of safe drinking water and involvement of stakeholders in a manner that makes water everyone’s business
  • To monitor the functionality of tap connections.
  • To promote and ensure voluntary ownership among the local community by way of contribution in cash, kind, and/ or labor and voluntary labor (shramdaan)
  • To assist in ensuring the sustainability of the water supply system, i.e. water source, water supply infrastructure, and funds for regular O&M
  • To empower and develop human resources in the sector such that the demands of construction, plumbing, electrical, water quality management, water treatment, catchment protection, O&M, etc. are taken care of in short and long term

State Wise Tap Water Supply Percentage – Details

Name of the State Households with Tap Water Supply in %
Himachal Pradesh 34.90
D&NH and D&D 99.14
Goa 24.30
A & N Islands 53.98
Puducherry 18.63
Arunachal Pradesh 39.84
Chhattisgarh 5.72
Sikkim 11.18
Andhra Pradesh 18
Jammu & Kashmir 24.18
Mizoram 39.67
Punjab 33.47
Haryana 39.27
Uttar Pradesh 9.99
Bihar 83.71
Rajasthan 8.59
Telangana 70.99
Kerala 9.84
Manipur 45.56
West Bengal 9.71
Maharashtra 30.62
Assam 12.55
Uttarakhand 35.88
Ladakh 8.26
Odisha 27.48
Nagaland 17.67
Karnataka 6.61
Tripura 27.32
Jharkhand 7.66
Tamil Nadu 16.08
Madhya Pradesh 21.13
Gujarat 14.38
Meghalaya 19.58
Total Average 23.95

Components under Jal Jeevan Mission 2023

Here we have listed out the components which are supported under the PM JJM Scheme 2023.

Efforts should be made to source funds from different sources/ programs and convergence is the key

  • Development of in-village piped water supply infrastructure to provide tap water connection to every rural household
  • Support activities, i.e. IEC, HRD, training, development of utilities, water quality laboratories, water quality testing & surveillance, R&D, knowledge center, capacity building of communities, etc.
  • Any other unforeseen challenges/ issues emerging due to natural disasters/ calamities which affect the goal of FHTC to every household by 2024, as per guidelines of the Ministry of Finance on Flexi Funds
  • Development of reliable drinking water sources and/ or augmentation of existing sources to provide long-term sustainability of the water supply system
  • Wherever necessary, bulk water transfer, treatment plants, and distribution network to cater to every rural household
  • Technological interventions for the removal of contaminants where water quality is an issue
  • Retrofitting of completed and ongoing schemes to provide FHTCs at the minimum service level of 55 lpcd;
  • Greywater management

Central Funds Released by Govt of India

The Central Funds have been released by the Government of India based on the available central funds and matching state shares utilized. Here are the details of the Central Funds allocated, funds drawn, and funds utilization reported in the year 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23 under the PM JJM Mission Scheme 2023.

(Amount in Rs. Crore)



Utilization under State share
Opening Balance Funds allocated Funds are drawn by State/ UT Reported utilization
2019-20 2,436.37 11,139.21 9,951.81 5,998.99 4,066.88
2020-21 6,431.85 23,033.02 10,917.90 12,542.03 7,803.36
2021-22 4,812.91 92,308.77 40,009.80 25,516.01 18,532.80
2022-23 19,319.03 1,00,789.77 22,975.34 26,543.59 18,418.52

Current Status

As on 18th January 2023

  • The total number of rural households is 19,35,68,997.
  • The total rural household tap connections is 10,97,44,532 – 56.70 %

PM JJM Scheme 2023 – External Links

JJM Scheme 2023 – Important Links
Direct Link for PM JJM Application Form 2023 Click Here
To Download Jal Jeevan Mission Mobile App Click Here
To check JJM Training Portal Click Here

Hope you have got the full information on PM Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme 2023. So, to get much more updates, keep visiting our website.

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