Iconic fashion creator Masoom Minawala invests in Fashion Platform STUMBL

● Masoom Minawala, a fashion creator who was listed in Forbes 30 under 30, has invested in STUMBL and has also joined as a strategic advisor.
● STUMBL, a fashion platform designed for modern women, helps them explore and shop for real-time fashion trends and unique brands that are curated by top creators.
● Every alternate day, fashion creators introduce a new trend capsule on STUMBL, including style inspirations from popular shows like Emily in Paris, Euphoria, and Class.

Mumbai, 1st March, 2023: STUMBL, a fashion platform for women, has partnered with Masoom Minawala, a Forbes 30 under 30 fashion creator. Masoom has invested in STUMBL and will be a strategic advisor to the platform. STUMBL aims to bring top fashion creators to its platform to curate and recommend fashion that gives young women the freedom to discover their unique style. Masoom will help STUMBL acquire and retain top fashion creators.

Here’s the link to Masoom announcing her partnership with STUMBL:

STUMBL was launched in December 2022 by three experienced senior executives, and the brand has raised $1.6 million from Saama Capital, Whiteboard Capital, and notable angel investors. Since its launch, STUMBL has served over 10,000 young women, and 20% of them have been repeat customers. STUMBL wants to focus on hyper-personalization of supply and shopping format for young women, strong creator community contributing to real-time style curations, and content marketing.

STUMBL provides a platform for new-age fashion brands to target young women in a style-centric fashion. The platform aspires to build an open and honest community where people can express their authentic selves without judgment and meet their tribe of unique people, creators, and brands. Masoom will help the company acquire and retain top fashion creators.

Maruthy Ramgandhi,Co-founder & CEO, STUMBL, says “Fashion choices among women of today are much more unique and aspirational. It is dynamic and a lot driven by pop culture and OTT trends. Baggy clothes, K-fashion, Corsets, Bodysuits, Bralettes, Coords are our top selling styles right now.  We work with creators to drop new styles every alternate day and keep our eyes peeled for new trends almost on a daily basis. Our vision is to be the number one fashion platform for women of today. A platform that will give them the fastest and most reliable access to latest fashion trends. ” He further adds, “We are building this new, highly engaged shopping experience with social interaction at its core, providing our users with shoppable moodboards. Think of Instagram or Pinterest with shop-as-you-scroll functionality that marries discovery and commerce.”

Commenting on her association with STUMBL, Masoom Minawala, Fashion creator and Investor, says, “I am thrilled to be a part of STUMBL’s journey both as an investor and strategic advisor. Their real-time supply chain which brings the latest trends to customers at a brisk pace, and creator-focused shopping approach have the power to not only revolutionise the traditional fashion landscape, but to also provide consumers with an unparalleled personalised shopping experience. Looking forward to witnessing STUMBL grow as the number one platform for Indian women and me being a part of this exciting evolution.”

As per industry reports, fashion presently accounts for 12% of e-commerce sales in India, and by 2027, it is expected to grow to 30%. The growth will be primarily driven by GenZ and young millennials who prefer online fashion shopping. STUMBL is in a favorable position to tap into this growing market as it caters to the right audience with its unique fashion platform. With the addition of Masoom to the team, the brand is set to strengthen further.

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