How to Get Verified on YouTube: The Complete Guide

You might have been thinking of how to get verified on YouTube. It’s natural because that’s the next thing to do after establishing your YouTube channel and building up a substantial number of followers.

Once you get the badge, your YouTube account will look credible enough. It will show everyone that you’ve been confirmed by YouTube as a real and legit person. It’s not everyone that has access to it. However, it’s a significant milestone to achieve for those that are eligible.

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YouTube Verification Badge

The YouTube badge is a grey check mark that is used to show that a YouTube channel has been verified. For music artists, they are given a music note badge. This YouTube badge proves that your channel is an authentic one and enables people to know that you’re not fake.

YouTube Verification: What Does It Mean?

It means two things. Being able to verify your phone number when a six-digit verification code is sent to you is the most accessible form of YouTube verification. This is carried out to ensure that you aren’t a bot but a real person. Anyone can get verified through this YouTube verification method. Also, some YouTube features are unlocked with it, which are:

  • Upload longer videos that are 15 minutes plus
  • Add custom thumbnails
  • YouTube Livestream
  • Channel ID claims
  • You can click on Settings, then Account, to confirm your YouTube account verification.
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  • Proceed to select “Channel status”, then additional features. Enabled will be displayed beside parts requiring phone verification, which shows that your YouTube account is now verified.
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People That Can Access the Badge

You’ll have to meet a few requirements to have access to the badge. These eligibility requirements are:

• You must have 100K YouTube subscribers, at least.

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• You have to be authentic and exactly represent the real you. The platform will always check you and even demand your documentation.

• You must be lively on your page. A profile picture and channel banner are part of the things you must have in addition to constantly uploading high-quality content. A badge may be seen in pages that have a subscriber count of less than 100K. This is because of two reasons.

• Firstly, the requirements for YouTube account verification change over time, so these verified channels were given the verification based on YouTube’s former requirements.

• Secondly, YouTube proactively verifies small but official channels sometimes. For the music note verification badge for artists, the eligibility requirements are somehow different:

• The channel verification is just for an artist. There must be a video which is official, at least on YouTube. A label must distribute this video.

• Also, you’ve to be among a label network that collaborates with a manager on YouTube. Also, you can work directly with a YouTube Partner Manager. Join YouTube Partner Program.

• Let your music be shared by one of the music partners.

Increasing Your YouTube Channel Authenticity When You Don’t Have a Verification Badge

You can take the following steps to prove your channel is a legit and official account even when you aren’t able to get verified on YouTube yet:

• You have to select the right name for your channel. Please choose a unique brand name, even as a creator, because it will make you different from competitors.

• Your profile picture should be recognizable because it usually appears when people are searching for videos related to your niche. It also appears on your YouTube channel and shows users they are at the right place.

• You can modify the banner image, channel layout, and watermark by making use of the customization options on YouTube. These options will significantly help to increase your followers.

• Your new video should be like your YouTube video. Produce a YouTube aesthetic that is unique. As all your YouTube videos are together in your channel, the content and effects created will be easily recognizable.

• You can always engage with subscribers and followers by answering questions. This will help prove that you’re authentic, legit and someone that cares about your viewers.

• Make sure to report impostors to YouTube. Some people may be impersonating your channel but ensure you go ahead to inform YouTube about them. To do this, proceed to the page that you intend to report impersonating you. Select “About,” then report them.

However, you should know that this verification badge is optional if you want to start earning a steady revenue stream. You can apply for the YouTube Partner Program instead. It also has its requirements, but they are easy to attain. The requirements are:

• You must own at least 1,000 subscribers.

• Your watch hours must be 4,000 during the past 12 months.

• You must have no instance of violating the laid down policy and be on the correct terms with YouTube.

• Your verification should be turned on.

• The monetization policies of YouTube should be followed.

• This is only available in some particular countries, so you have to be living in such a country.

• An AdSense account should be linked to your YouTube account.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Your YouTube Channel Verified?

Build trust with viewers: An account verification will help build trust and credibility with your viewers. Once you get a verified badge, people will know you’re not a bot and feel confident in your account since it is now an official channel.

Upload Longer Videos:

Once verified, you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. This is better than when you upload videos 15 minutes long by default.

YouTube Live Streams:

Your channel must be verified for you to live stream in addition to not having any restrictions on live streaming in the last 90 days.

Add Custom Thumbnails to Your Videos:

You’ll be able to upload your thumbnails once verified instead of just using the ones automatically generated by YouTube.

Appeal Content ID Claims:

This is when a YouTube video you uploaded is almost identical to one or more other videos. With account verification, you can have the power to fight against these kinds of YouTube videos.

Eligibility Feature for YouTube Channel:

When people want to talk about going ahead to get an official badge, they also say “YouTube verification” or “verify YouTube account”. This verification badge is similar to a music note or grey mark.

Getting the verification badge is essential because it shows your credibility and lets the world know you’re a real creator. It shows that it is a public figure, brand, or artist’s official channel, and it also goes a long way to stop impostors.

Steps on Verifying a YouTube Account

If you want to have access to an easy phone verification code we’ve earlier mentioned, ensure you log in to YouTube and then proceed to

This verification unlocks extra YouTube features and is for everyone.

Follow this verification process and steps:

Click on the page to apply

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You’ll only see the application form if you fulfil all the criteria and your YouTube channel can get verified on YouTube.

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But, if you still need to be eligible, a message will come up which will tell you only to apply once you’ve attained 100,000 subscribers.

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Don’t be worried if you still need 100K subscribers. It takes time and consistency to achieve that feat.

You’ll have to complete a form

You’ll be asked for your YouTube channel ID and YouTube channel’s name. You need to learn your ID. No worries! Please select the link beneath the application form to get it.

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Also, you can go to your account. Proceed to Settings. Click “Advanced settings” anytime you want to get your channel ID

Click submit button once the form has been completed. Click Verify to verify your YouTube channel.


You’ve to hold on a few weeks until your account is verified by YouTube.

You may also be asked to provide extra documentation and information to confirm your identity.

Retain your verification!

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Immediately after you’ve gotten your verification badge and YouTube verified, you’ll have to ensure that you don’t lose it for any reason. These are the different factors you must take note of in order for your badge to remain with you.

Respect the Community Guidelines

Staying verified on YouTube is another important thing after getting your YouTube account verified. YouTube will take your verification badge away even when you’ve got a badge when you don’t respect the Community Guidelines.

Don’t Change Your YouTube Channel Name

You’ll also lose your verification badge once your channel name is changed. Then, you’ll have to reapply again for verification by using your new name.

However, constantly having a renamed channel and changing your channel name is a bad idea since the main reason for getting a badge is to confirm the fact that you are real.

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