FICCI Vizag Leads the Way in Bharat Digital Session at 2023 Global Tech Summit with European & British Partners

Hyderabad, India: 9th February 2023: India: Global business and technical leaders converged at the Global Tech Summit for a series of roundtable discussions, aimed at addressing critical global challenges and exploring possibilities for international partnerships.

Scheduled to take place in Vizag from February 16-17, 2023, the summit is poised to draw in a diverse array of international technical experts, financial specialists, and researchers, who will participate in in-depth conversations and debates centered around future technologies and how they can transform scarcity into abundance.

“Indian research and startups today face numerous challenges, from innovation to commercialisation, and we cannot tackle these issues alone,” said Dr Srinubabu Gedela, CEO Pulsus. “International collaboration is essential if we want to make progress and build a better future for all. This summit has been a valuable opportunity for us to come together, share our perspectives, and forge new partnerships that will help us achieve this goal.”

The Global Tech Summit will persist as a crucial hub for international cooperation and the sharing of ideas. The organizers have already planned a series of events in G20 nations.

Another new initiative – Bharath Digital panel discussion will be lead by FICCI Vizag chapter at the event, “The Bharat Digital Session is a major new initiative by FICCI, and it is part of our broader effort to drive digital transformation in India,” said Sarika Gulyani Director and Head-ICT, FICCI.

“We believe that this event will bring together some of the most innovative and forward-thinking leaders in the digital space, and it will provide a platform for them to share their insights and experiences on how to harness the full potential of digital technologies for the benefit of India.”

The initiative is expected to help in driving digital transformation in India and to position the country as a leader in the digital space. The support from the United States Technical leaders from India is a major boost for the initiative, and it is expected to provide a significant growth opportunity and development of the Indian economy, said key panel speaker of the Bharath Digital, Mr. Omprakash Nakka, CEO, Finacle soft, Inc. Director- Startups & Products IT serve Alliance, Inc.

The UK and India are two of the largest economies in the world, and we believe that there is huge potential for increased trade and investment between our two countries,” said Pragya Chaturvedi, Trade Policy Team Member, British High Commission, New Delhi.

“These new trade initiatives are part of our broader effort to enhance UK-India trade and investment ties and to support the growth and development of businesses in both countries This type of Global Tech summit platform marks an important step forward in our cooperation with Europe on scientific and technical matters,” said Poal V Jneson, Managing Director, European Business and Technology Centre.

“We believe that this collaboration will not only advance our collective knowledge and expertise, but it will also lead to new breakthroughs and innovations that will benefit both India and Europe, as well as the world.

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