Exatron to Launch Laptops and Networking Products at Indian Chamber of Commerce “ICT Ecosystem & Make in India Forum 2023″

– The Indian Government has introduced various initiatives to encourage electronics production as part of its “Make in India” initiative.
– With a $30 billion investment pledge, India aims to become a leading center for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing on a global scale.

India, 6th February 2023: The government has embarked on a comprehensive “Digital India” program aimed at enhancing ICT infrastructure, software delivery platforms, IT skills and job creation. This initiative aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge-based economy.

ICT Ecosystem & Make in India Forum 2023

Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder of Exatron said  “In the current times there is a strategic importance in reducing India’s dependence on foreign computer hardware. India needs to foster its own homegrown ICT companies. We are proud that Exatron is India’s first greenfield Server Manufacturing Company, and listed under the GOI MSIPS scheme. Exatron today supplies servers, desktops, storage units among many other ICT products supporting mission critical operations of many GOI organisations and enterprises across India. Kudos to the Indian Chamber of Commerce for organising this event of strategic importance to India. Exatron is happy to contribute to India’s organic growth story.”

The state-of-the-art factory of Exatron, a green field ICT product manufacturing project, is located in Bangalore. Exatron produces a wide range of ICT products including Servers, Storage Systems, Work Stations, Desktops, and All-In-One Personal Computers. The company’s server offerings come with the choice of either Intel or AMD platforms and its virtualization servers are certified by VMware and Microsoft Azure.

Exatron to Enter the Laptop and Networking Market at 2023 ICT Ecosystem & Make in India Forum

At the event, Exatron’s management shared their vision of contributing to the Indian Government’s self-reliance initiatives, with senior leaders and management from various government establishments as well as representatives from leading technology manufacturers, solution providers, and system integrators in the Indian ICT market in attendance. The company emphasized the importance of supporting true domestic manufacturers like itself, as the Indian Government places a significant emphasis on digitalization in all aspects of life.

Tom Sebastian, Chief Executive Officer of Exatron said” Very theme of Exatron is to sensibly build a local manufacturing set up for IT hardware in India. The steps we are taking for this vision are logical, measured, and scalable . We have offerings in both class1 local content and class 2 local content. While we build and sustain the business with both these classes now, our efforts are to have all our products to contain maximum local content and became true warriors for our government’s vision for Atmanirbhar Bharat. To achieve this, we work with many committed domestic component manufacturers and promising technology start up initiatives in the Indian ICT eco system”

The ICT industry is not only driving economic growth but also contributing to social sustainability by enhancing the delivery of education, healthcare, and services to citizens. The industry is transforming social interactions, leading to positive long-term impacts in multiple areas.

During and after the pandemic, ICT played a vital role in connecting people, even when the nation was isolated for an extended period. The education sector has undergone a significant transformation due to ICT, with students now relying on digital platforms for learning. This has allowed for greater access to education globally at a more affordable cost. The telecommunication sector has also seen a significant impact from ICT with the widespread adoption of 5G technology for faster communication. E-health, the use of ICT in healthcare, has the potential to revolutionize the industry by improving information sharing and connecting patients and healthcare providers. Developing countries like India have the potential to adopt e-healthcare in the coming years.

Mr. Dheeraj Puri, Co Chair,  North Region Committee (ICC) said that “The revolution in the information and communication sector is making the world united. In today’s world information and communication technology (ICT) is a key parameter for a country’s socio economic development, especially for a developing country like us. India is contributing 13% to the country’s GDP. With the concept of globalization, the cross country transfer of technology with respect to equipment and even manpower has nowadays become much easier. ICT adoption, digitalization and automation provide formidable new opportunities in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, the creation of new services and occupations and increased connectivity across the nation. Market reports shows that countries have started to invest in ICT because the sector can have a substantial positive impact on social and economic sustainability since such investment will lead to annual GDP growth by 0.6% to 0.7% on average, on an annual basis, for each increase of 10% in household penetration”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digital connectivity and created a technology-driven market for the future. The rapid urbanization of the 21st century, combined with the impact of the pandemic, has significantly impacted India’s digital transformation. Indian companies are adjusting their IT strategies, reducing operational costs, automating processes, and introducing new systems to enhance efficiency, leading to a technologically advanced lifestyle for citizens. Among the emerging technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is especially noteworthy. IoT is transforming both industrial and consumer sectors by increasing the use of sensors, cloud technology, robotics, centralized tracking, quality inspection, and other advanced technologies, creating a smart manufacturing ecosystem. This results in lower costs, increased revenue, improved safety, security, and quality.

Exatron to Launch Cutting-Edge Laptops and Networking Products at 2023 ICT Ecosystem & Make in India Forum

Exatron offers a range of HCI solutions that are developed in partnership with Nutanix. The storage servers are certified by Quantum, and the GPU servers are certified by Nvidia. Exatron also provides a range of storage solutions, including NAS, SAN, and unified storage. Some of these products are developed in collaboration with Seagate. In the personal computing segment, Exatron offers a wide range of desktops powered by both Intel and AMD processors. These products are available in both education and enterprise series. Exatron has also launched an attractive range of gaming desktops and workstations built on the AMD platform. The company recently announced the release of its All-in-One PC series, which is powered by both Intel and AMD processors. Exatron plans to launch laptops this financial year and enter the networking products manufacturing segment in the near future. The company is committed to increasing the local content of its offerings in line with the government’s Make in India initiative. Exatron has also launched an HCI solution and a unified storage solution that are classified as Make in India products.

Exatron works with both leading global technology providers and promising domestic players to offer Indian ICT customers globally-standardized products that are manufactured in India. Exatron also supports and enables other Make in India initiatives to grow and establish their products along with Exatron. The knowledge partner of the event was Quantum, a leading storage solution provider.

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