BuyHive and Xccelerate Collaboration Set to Disrupt Global Sourcing Market

New Delhi, Hong Kong, February 6, 2023: BuyHive and Xccelerate are joining forces to enhance the skills of global sourcing professionals. The Hong Kong-based B2B global sourcing platform and the leading technology training platform will offer a comprehensive program to improve sourcing expertise in line with industry advancements.

With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, Xccelerate is committed to providing innovative technology education to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Through this partnership, BuyHive’s sourcing experts will have access to the latest technology and tools to upgrade their skills and stay market-relevant.

Designed with input from various companies, including major retailers and new-age D2C businesses, the program covers the essential needs of the sourcing industry. Participants who complete the course will receive certification and exclusive benefits within the community.

The goal of the partnership between BuyHive and Xccelerate is to bridge the gap between the ever-evolving sourcing industry and the skillset of professionals. Upskilling sourcing experts has never been more important and this collaboration is set to provide the necessary tools and training to succeed.

Minesh Pore, co-founder and CEO of BuyHive, stated, “Sourcing professionals were severely impacted during the pandemic, turning to technology to earn a living. Today, tech-enabled sourcing has become mainstream, and our partnership with Xccelerate aims to empower all sourcing experts on our platform with the skills they need to succeed.”

Lavine Hemlani, Founder, CEO & Chairman of Xccelerate, added, “We are excited to partner with BuyHive to prepare the sourcing industry for the digital future. Our goal is to upskill 5,000 sourcing professionals over the next five years, securing employment and cementing our industries for a better, more abundant future.”

Xccelerate, the technology education platform with a mission to bridge the tech talent gap in Hong Kong, has a curriculum that includes AI, Blockchain, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Design. With its proven track record of over 40,000 alumni and a presence in the Asia Pacific region, Xccelerate drives success for individuals, businesses, and governments through personalized mentorship, proprietary course materials, and comprehensive software development training.

BuyHive, the Hong Kong-based global sourcing platform, offers Expert-Assisted Sourcing services, connecting buyers with experienced independent sourcing professionals from key markets. Designed for small to medium-sized retailers and direct-to-consumer brand owners, BuyHive has an extensive network of over 5,000 independent sourcing experts available on its platform to help buyers find the best suppliers.

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