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“Careersassist – Digital Era platform for Students- Job seekers & Entrepreneurs & Startups” In 15 years ago Google Facebook and Amazon had become bustle words in India, steering the spotlight away from domestic tech mammoths to an aspirational New era. In Hyderabad, an undergrad final-year student and his friends started searching for the right pathway to create a better career but he didn’t have guides for applying for job opportunities and starting a startup they faced many troubles in getting his first IT sector job after completing 1 year of there employment they resigned the job and started an IOT Based startup.

They didn’t have correct guidance for forward steps so they started gaining knowledge about successful entrepreneurs and unicorn startups and started studying case studies of companies & startups after 2 years those students’ startups became successful they remembered the issues they faced in their journey and started this careersassist.in That blog became Careersassist an identity they insisted on because they wanted it to be the voice of the voiceless, to tell the stories of the common person determined to lead change in job-seeking time or starting their entrepreneurship. Stories that mainstream media didn’t care to be bothered with. Careersassist is a one-stop source for Job-seekers and internships and case studies on the web and simplifying communications with people for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs.


Careersassist is India’s foremost chronicler and enabler of positive change. We place great trust in the power of listening to every common people, and in the ability of successful stories to inspire and empower. For a decade-and-half now, your career story has provided the context for what’s possible. Through the tales of thousands of changemakers who have braved multiple limitations In their life, Careersassist has served as a catalyst for a better India. While riding with and charting the journeys of jobs and startups that are now billion-dollar companies, the Unicorns, Careersassist continues to serve as the voice of multiple yet-unheralded successful MNC jobs and entrepreneurs and other ordinary folks making a positive difference in society. And all on the same platform. Careersassist has listened to and stood by every voice no matter their standing because their career success stories need to be told. Because they need to be able to access the same opportunities and chase their dreams as those who have made it. That, in essence, is Careersassist’s raison d’etre: to strive for an Equal India. It provides motivation, and direction and increases access to opportunities and other skill sets.


Students: Until You get the best satisfying internship we will be with you.

Job-Seekers: Until You get the best satisfying Job we will be with you.

Startups: Until Your Startups succeed we will be with you.

Case study: Until You get the best solution for your case study we will be with you.

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