A Revolutionary Startup Marketplace for Angel Investing

We Founder Circle has launched, a Startup Marketplace platform that simplifies angel investing, networking, and portfolio management for investors. The platform offers a dashboard-driven experience that enables investors to discover, evaluate, transact, and manage their portfolios easily. is designed for both individual angel investors and syndicates, enabling them to invest in deals of their choice. Additionally, any angel network, syndicate, institution, campus incubator, city/state incubator, or corporate can use the platform as a white-label SAAS product to build and manage their startup and investor community. The platform also offers startups an opportunity to raise funding directly on the platform, making compliance hassle-free and providing smart connections, partnerships, mentoring, collaboration, and smart funding/capital from strategic investors. is the first of its kind to bring tech, community, and investment solutions onto a single platform, addressing investor challenges like broken investing experience, lack of interaction with the community, and difficulty finding quality startups. The platform offers investors access to highly-curated deal flow, interactions with founders and other investors, and a transparent view of their portfolios’ validation.

Startups registering on the platform benefit from smart connection, partnership, mentoring, and collaboration, as well as an FRV (Fund Raise Vehicle), which allows them to raise capital directly and efficiently, allowing investors into an investment round without making the company’s cap table more complicated. The platform also provides a way for startups to stay visible and one step ahead.

“Invstt Trust abides by its tagline – Startup. Investment. Made Easy. We want to be a complete tech-enabled platform for angel investing. Over the years while building an angel investors’ community we have realized that the top pain problems of investors are the discovery of good startup investment opportunities, networking with other like-minded people, and managing the post-investment update & engagement with founders, with we have solved all these three problems. Even before the official launch there is huge interest we are getting from Indian & global ecosystem. Already more than 6000 investors & over 10 syndicates are using the platform. In 2023, this number will increase to 15000 investors & 100 syndicates.” said Neeraj Tyagi, CEO and Co-Founder of We Founder Circle.

“Technology is going to be the biggest differentiator in early-stage investing, right from peer-to-peer networking, deal discovery, and portfolio management, everything is going to happen with the help of technology. That is where Invstt comes in, said Gaurav VK Singhvi, Co-Founder, We Founder Circle. aims to strengthen the global community of angel investors by uniting syndicates and other angel investor networks on its platform.

“The plan is to make the product global, already a huge community of Indian expats have started using the platform to discover good startups & they are happy with the ease of investing as the platform also offers the ease of cross-border investments. In 2023, we will be aggressively taking the product to the global market with a focus on Southeast Asia, the Middle East, US & UK” said Vikas Aggarwal, CoFounder of We Founder Circle

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