A Complete List of Startups Acquired by Swiggy

Swiggy has been making the lives of urban customers more convenient for customers since 2014. Since Swiggy was founded, it has acquired five companies and subsidiaries as it has expanded its empire and diversified its business. The leading on-demand food delivery platform is now a logistics hub of excellence.

Swiggy is a food tech company with its headquarters placed at Bangalore, India. The company was founded back in 2014 by the efforts of Nandan Reddy, Phanu Kishan Addepalli, Rahul Jaimini, and Sriharsha Majety.

The current CEO of the firm is Vishal Bhatia. Some of the most popular competitors of Swiggy are Fresh Menu, Zomato, Uber Eats, Grofers, etc. The five acquisitions made by Swiggy are:

Company Name Date of Announcement Acquired By Amount
Dineout May 13, 2022 Swiggy $200 Million Feb 4, 2019 Swiggy
Supr Daily Sep 1, 2018 Swiggy
Scootsy Aug 2, 2018 Swiggy $8 Million
48East Dec 13, 2017 Swiggy

Supr Daily
Forty-Eight East (48 East)
Scootsy Logistics Private Limited


Founded 2012
Founders Ankit Mehrotra, Vivek Kapoor, Nikhil Bakshi, and Sahil Jain
Industry Food and Technology
Acquired In 2021
Status Active

Dineout Website
Dineout Website

Dineout was born when its founders landed their first investment from Travel Boutique Online. They finally made their breakthrough when it was acquired by Times Internet. The startup has also expanded its empire over the years by acquiring inResto, Gourmet Passport, and Torqus.

Eventually around 2016, they launched Dineout Plus coming up with brand-new offerings for their audiences like a corporate dining rewards program that gave a flat 25% discount at 5-star restaurants, and an exclusive bill payment wallet for diners: Dine Out Pay.

The startup has also come up with a month-long campaign GIRF (The Great Indian Restaurant Festival) to create amazing experiences and offer bigger deals for their customers. With their B2B and B2C services, they have partnered with many restaurants across their network of around 20 cities.

India’s largest dining out and restaurant tech solutions platform helps diners discover restaurants and offers, enabling hassle-free reservations.

Swiggy saw the opportunity to expand its offerings in dining out table reservations and events with a leading dining out and restaurant tech platform on July 22, 2021. This will enable Swiggy to cater to every food occasion. Reach more customers and expand growth opportunities. Revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Improving the customer experience at the restaurant and delighting customers.

Supr Daily

Founded 2015
Founders Puneet Kumar, Shreyas Nagdawanen
Industry Technology, Information, and the Internet
Acquired In 2018
Status Active

Supr Daily Website
Supr Daily Website

Supr Daily allows you to buy groceries through an online platform with a wide selection of organic and healthy foods.

Additionally, it also provides options from other categories such as baby care, pet needs, and more to your doorstep. Pioneering the grocery revolution in India, it is currently operating in more than eight cities.

The startup operates with the motto “Do more, with less” aiming to make their customers happy, and give them a stress-free start to the day and a superior consumer experience.

Swiggy acquired Supr Daily in 2018 to create a niche in solving critical consumer needs and fulfilling their daily orders, expanding its channels for revenue. Since then, the startup has been revamped to unlock its potential and share its mission with Swiggy.

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Forty-Eight East (48 East)

Founded 2016
Founders Kumar Karthik, Joseph Cherian
Industry Food and Beverage Services
Acquired In 2017
Status In-Active

48 East Logo
48 East Logo

Forty-Eight East is a food tech startup that brings you the cuisines of different nations: South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East.

Providing international taste to its customers with a weekly changing menu in a quick-service restaurant setting. Starting with the idea of bringing different Asian delicacies beyond noodles and Thai food to the Indian people, Joseph Cherian started setting up a kitchen in Bengaluru Karnataka. He was joined by friend and chef Nabhojit Ghosh. Which later expanded from one kitchen to eight.

Things took a turn when Joseph Cherian joined Swiggy as COO after the startup was acquired by it in 2017. Swiggy acquired 48 East with the purpose of solving gaps in its consumer supply through various strategies. Equipping Swiggy with additional capabilities, broadening its senior leadership, and serving a more satisfying consumer experience.

Founded 2014
Founders Jagannathan Veeraraghavan, Pavithra Solai Jawahar
Industry Artificial intelligence, Computer
Acquired In 2019
Status In-Active
Website Logo Logo

The local Bengaluru-based AI platform known for designing and developing software was the first technology-led acquisition for Swiggy., which is led by Jagannathan Veeraraghavan and Pavithra Solai Jawahar, applies deep learning and computer vision to object recognition in videos.

Several founding members joined Swiggy’s team to boost computer vision technology, consumer experience, and scale tech capabilities by bringing in entrepreneurial teams that solve unique customer problems. All the while leveraging the network and resources of Swiggy.

Swiggy made a smart move as consumer intent companies are rapidly growing to stay ahead of the game and make a profit in the long term. The aim is to use the platform to help people apply and discover restaurants using images and recommendations based on them. Enhancing the company’s computer vision technology and improving the overall consumer experience.

Scootsy Logistics Private Limited

Founded 2015
Founders Rishi Khiani, Sandeep Das, Yash Sippy
Industry Transportation, Logistics, and Storage
Acquired In 2018
Status Active

Starting with Ant farm one can turn to Scootsy for quick, curated delivery across the city. The Mumbai-based startup was founded by former Times Internet chief executive Rishi Khiani, Sandeep Das, and Khiani the co-founders of Scootsy. The platform offers quality experiences to its discerning consumers.

Following an acquisition, the company further partnered up with Burger King. The experience of ordering from the platform itself is described as the closest one can get to eating at a fine-dining establishment. They have a curated list of restaurants, food stores, boutiques, and gift shops to make your life easier and better.

Swiggy acquired Scootsy for approximately ₹ 50 crores according to sources in 2018. Swiggy plans to expand into new cities, tap into orders from high-end restaurants and strengthen its restaurant network. Over time, Swiggy has transitioned Scootsy’s operations to its platform and integrated Scootsy to deliver premium culinary offerings in Mumbai.


Swiggy has been in the market for almost 8 years. Swiggy was started as an online food delivery platform that is now operating in more than 500 Indian cities. Swiggy has a constant focus on implementing new technologies and creating data-driven marketing approaches.  

In order to improve its services, Swiggy has acquired multiple startups along the path. The startups acquired by Swiggy are Dineout,, Scootsy Logistics Private Limited, 48East, and Supr Daily.


How much does Swiggy Acquire Dineout for?

Swiggy acquired Dineout for almost $200 million on  14th Feb 2022.

Did Swiggy Acquire Instamart?

Swiggy launched Instamart on 10 August 2020.

Is Swiggy merged with Zomato?

Swiggy is the biggest competitor of Zomato. However, there were reports of a stock-based merger proposed by Swiggy which eventually came to a dead end because of the difference in both companies’ valuations and business ailments.

Is Swiggy making a profit or a loss?

Swiggy was reported to make a loss in the few previous years. For the year 2019, Swiggy saw a sixfold rise in its losses. However, for the year 2022, 65% of the losses were recovered.

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